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HYPHENATION offer multilingual desktop publishing. Multilingual desktop publishing is a part of the translation process. The work simply isn't done when the translation is done; the document itself has to be adapted into the new language. In practical terms this includes preparation, export and import of texts for translation in CAT-tools, the actual DTP of the translated document – including proofing and validation – and finally creation of PDF-files for web or print. We also supply conversions, file handling, creation of digital files from uneditable sources and graphic design.

HYPHENATION also offer translations from English to Swedish in subject areas such as popular culture and popular science, food and drink, tourism and travel, marketing and transcreation.

HYPHENATION is Robert Loorents with more than 20 years experience of the translation industry.

Hyphenation AB, Hårdvallsgatan 14, 115 46 Stockholm.
Phone: +46 (0)70 – 717 72 83, e-mail: robert@hyphenation.se
LinkedIn: Robert Loorents